Anti-theft bags for the city stroll

Anti-theft bags for the city stroll

City trips are popular. But also the city stroll at home, whether as a shopping tour past the colorful shop windows or as a cultural trip in search of exhibitions and events. Even if we want to carry as less utensils as possible, we usually have a few things with us. And they are often particularly valuable or important. The wallet holds a good supply of cash, especially for shopping trips. Or also the credit cards. In addition, there are other cards such as ID cards, health insurance cards, key cards – who unpacks all that for a stroll through the city. We also have our smartphone and house key with us.

Anyway, a lot of utensils, the loss of which can cause us some trouble. With an anti-theft bag you can prevent pickpocketing.

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Anti-theft bags – precaution for relaxed city explorations

Unfortunately, in city centers, but also at tourist hotspots, traffic junctions and everywhere where many people are together, we must always expect theft – attempts. Of course, it’s usually cash or perhaps smartphones or a bit of jewelry. But for some thieves, digital data mediums such as bank cards or ID cards are equally valuable targets. And for us, personal items that disappear as „collateral damage“ of a theft are often even more important and valuable than a few banknotes.

A sufficient caution and attention is in so far always appropriate, while we are city strolling or on sightseeing – trip. But there are also ways to make life much more difficult for pickpockets. A tip for this are anti-theft bags. These are similar to theft-protected backpacks with some technical features that are designed to block pickpockets from quickly accessing other people’s property.

How do pickpockets succeed?

If you want to buy a real anti-theft bag, you should pay attention to certain features. Unfortunately, online retailers often advertise with slogans such as anti-theft bag, without really telling what’s behind it. Thefts of handbags often occur in crowds – in crowded buses or subways, in front of spectacular sights, while queuing for concerts and events or in crowded stores. In some cases, pickpockets slit open bags and quickly and carelessly „transfer“ the contents into their own bags. This is sometimes possible without mechanical force, in that the pickpocket simply opens the zipper or other closure and removes the contents.

To do this, the thief needs some time and as much distraction of the victim as possible, so that little attention is left for the bag. Another method is to steal the entire bag by cutting the straps. This is usually much faster and is often successful even if the victim becomes aware of the theft. The thief has already taken the bag into his possession and only needs to flee, while the victim, caught off guard, must first understand the situation.

pedestrians stroll through the city of Reims with handbags and daypacks

Technical equipment for anti-theft bags

Effective means can prevent the quick theft, however, by anti-theft bags. Especially theft-proof bags and backpacks have been developed by the company pacsafe, whose specialty are theft-proof handbags, purses, backpacks and travel bags. Sophisticated technical precautions thus prevent any quick casual theft. Moreover, the element of surprise is virtually reversed – when the thief unexpectedly encounters insurmountable barriers.

Carrying straps of theft-proof bags are secured against cutting, for example, with inserted steel cables. Straps are made of cut-resistant materials such as dyneema. Carabiners have an additional twist-lock mechanism, which can actually only be operated with two hands, is tight and can hardly be opened unnoticed. And all anti-theft bags have cut and puncture-proof pouch materials, which are not quickly cut in the subway. At pacsafe, this is mostly due to so-called exomesh fabrics, in which thin stainless steel nets are woven. Or other stab-resistant fabrics. Zippers for anti-theft bags are highly effective stab-resistant and resist even the pressure of screwdrivers and iron points. When closed, the zipper tabs meet at a point where they are secured with a case lock or integrated locking mechanism. Often, a lock is riveted to the theft-proof bag right away.

In this way, the quick casual theft of handbags and daypacks is effectively prevented.

Meanwhile, there is a wide range of anti-theft bags – handbags as well as larger shopper, courier bags, small daypack – backpacks and shoulder bags. So you can get back a piece of your security for the city trip or the shopping – afternoon and be more relaxed on the road with theft-proof bags and backpacks.

Some models of theft-proof bags

Messenger bag Vipe 325

The Vipe 325 anti-theft bag is a „messenger bag „* that is worn like a messenger bag only over the left shoulder. At least when you wear it on your back. Because the cut of the strap is asymmetrical. Space is for up to 10 liters of necessary things for your city exploration: Water bottle, wallet, tablet, travel guide, sunglasses… in a front compartment and the divided main compartment. The closures are lockable, the carrying strap is equipped with slashguard straps, the main compartment blocks RFID readers against data theft and of course the bag material is also protected against cuts with sharp knives. Color options include „coyote“, „jet black“ and „granite melange“.

Anti-theft shoulder bag Cruise

The theft-proof shoulder bag Cruise* makes a good figure – on bus trips, weekend trips and even on cruise. Especially the shade pinot makes the bag handsome, the long strap portable. All important utensils can be stowed in the bag and lie protected by steel wire-armored fabric as well as stab-resistant closed zippers. As a companion for the big trip, it can be attached to the trolley „on top“. Wire cables additionally secure the carrying strap.

Women’s Stylesafe Tote

Shopping is fun when all your belongings are safely stowed away. With Women’s Stylesafe tote* Money cards and passport can be stored RFID-proof in a side pocket and a laptop compartment is also available. Otherwise, plenty of space for shopping. Two handles (ca.50cm) and an extra shoulder strap (adjustable up to 140cm) are cut protected and make it comfortable to carry. The zippers can be secured by lock. The shoulder strap can also be used with the lock to secure the bag, for example, to a railing or table.

Not really your’s?

Follow the link and you will find a lot more modells of anti-theft bags for all occasions and in many styles*!

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