Oberlausitz Kottmar - Blick
Blick über Beiersdorf zum Kottmar

Where to go for the weekend? Which destinations for a short trip? What to experience on „bridge days“? Time for „little escapes“

Small escapes can loosen up and relax our stressful and energy-sapping everyday lives. A short break from the daily grind helps us to pause, to process everyday experiences, to get new impulses and to gain new and different impressions with little effort. This can be a short trip to beautiful landscapes, a bicycle tour on the weekend, a hike, but also a wellness day at the spa or a literary time-out with an exciting book.

The important thing is to take time for it, to consciously cut the information channels from the everyday stressors and to clock the daily rhythm to a recovery mode. And don’t take on too much – one good event per day, to which a particularly large amount of space and time is devoted, is perfectly sufficient.

Shut down your smartphone, refrain from posting your „escape experiences“ everywhere right away, try to perceive every step calmly and very consciously, and – old yoga trick – watch your breath! You are the center of attention today, at most your closest companions. And – when you go away, look for small but nice places that inspire you and flatter your soul. It does not depend on „performance“, more important is your small joy, your small happiness, your deep perception for the beauty that surrounds you.

Baltic Sea Cycle Route – Cycle tour in the southeast of the island of Ruegen

Baltic Sea and Rügen – for many dream places, white sand, blue waves and unforgettable vacation experiences. But also a bicycle route on Rügen can offer a lot. For short journeys in addition already a small subregion is enough like the particularly beautiful, easily experienced southeast of the large island. A Baltic Sea bike tour has more to offer than just sandy paths 😉

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