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Vietnam s Wasserpuppen-Theater
Entrance to the Waterpuppy – Theater Hanoi/ Vietnam

Some content of the website sunny trails is also available in English.. It’s here.

With English translations I want to reach more people in the world who cannot read German websites. Certainly not perfect, but I hope everything is worth reading and gives you tips for your own travel experiences or entertainment for quiet hours.

Ostseeradweg Strelasund

Baltic Sea and Rügen – for many dream places, white sand, blue waves and unforgettable vacation experiences. But also a bicycle route on Rügen can offer a lot. For short journeys in addition already a small subregion is enough like the particularly beautiful, easily experienced southeast of the large island. A Baltic Sea bike tour has more to offer than just sandy paths 😉

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Luxemburg City - Burganlagen

Luxembourg, one of the smallest capital cities in Europe, offers a lot of variety – geographically with mountains and valleys, rivers and greenery, as well as city life. A shopping district and pub mile, a respectable art and culture scene, a multilingual population and historic old town quarters with the remains of one of the largest fortresses on the continent can arouse enthusiasm. So it’s well worth a visit, especially since the exploration by public transport is free of charge.

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