With the aerial yoga hammock your world turns upside down

With the aerial yoga hammock your world turns upside down

aerial yoga is a fascinating new fitness sport that promises a special form of physical experience. The large aerial yoga hammock makes it possible to practice yoga exercises, so-called asanas, while floating in space and experiencing a heightened feeling of weightlessness or simply experiencing the world upside down. You don’t have to be an artist on the vertical cloth – simple but effective asanas are also available for beginners. And if everything is too much for you, you can relax in the aerial yoga cloth like in a hammock.

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Body experience and increased well-being with the aerial yoga hammock

With the aerial yoga hammock you will find your inner middle! This giant cloth is not just for hanging out, but you can shift your yoga exercises into the 3rd dimension.

Through the changes of the body position in space, the internal organs, joints and the entire support and movement apparatus are relieved and also „turned upside down„. Your weight becomes less important, your body experiences a floating feeling of lightness. This promotes recovery and stimulation of the body’s functions, gives you a comprehensive sense of space and even helps to alleviate joint pain and back problems. Simply because you experience gravity „the other way around„. Although not quite correct, some people call it „antigravity yoga“.

The constant changes of position in space train your sense of balance and thus strengthen your safety in everyday life, e.g. when cycling. Movements and suitable exercises in the aerial yoga sling strengthen the muscles – in a more versatile and holistic way than in other sports that only address a few muscle groups. The massaging contact with the cloth also activates blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to the organs.

Only those who have problems with the spine or suffer from high blood pressure or intraocular pressure should refrain from aerial yoga or avoid asanas that deviate too much from normal body positions – such as hanging overhead.

action or stillness – the flying yoga hammock can do both…

Of course, you can also simply rest in the large cloth, like in a hammock, gently swaying and relaxing. Other common terms for aerial yoga are air yoga, flying yoga or swing yoga.

The aerial yoga hammock* is 5m long and 2,80m wide. It has a weight of 1,2kg.

Suspending the aerial yoga cloth

The aerial yoga hammock* is suspended from one or two points at a distance from the ceiling or outdoors from a strong branch, or if available, from suitable safe construction elements. Sufficient stability is important.

With the suspension hooks* the aerial yoga hammock can be fixed to the ceiling of the room – either by screwing it into a ceiling beam or with the dowels into a concrete ceiling. Ask a competent craftsman about the possibilities for fixing! The best way to adjust the height of the aerial yoga cloth for higher ceilings is to use the Safety Chain*. Outdoors on a tree, the aerial yoga fabrik is best suspended as in the case of outdoor hammocks with tape slings such as the hammock system*.


The space required

An aerial yoga hammock can be hung in different ways. It is common to hang the aerial yoga fabrik without distance from a hook or with distance from two points. In the first case, the sling hugs the body more closely, which often gives beginners more security. With a distance between the attachment points, the sling allows more freedom of movement, but this is also associated with less braking friction of the fabric panels. As a result, movements can be faster and less controlled.

To hang the swinging cloth, the distance between the ceiling hooks should be 40-45 cm. The space requirement for aerial yoga is 5-6 square meters of horizontal space plus a ceiling height of at least 2.30m. The bottom of the cloth, that is the lower arc of the „U“, can hang at two heights. Depending on what you have in mind. For calm exercises with a lot of safety at the beginning or simply for relaxing swinging in the air-yoga cloth, the U hangs at about knee height. For acrobatic exercises in „flying yoga“, at least waist-height to shoulder-height is required for the aerial sling.

Suspension with the aerial steel frame

If your ceiling is not stable enough or you want to move your aerial yoga exercises outdoors, you can also use an aerial yoga steel frame. With the mobile X-pole A-frame* you are very flexible. The variable height of the aerial yoga steel frame ranges from approx. 2.45m to 3.45m and is therefore also suitable for other aerial sports and movement types such as exercises with the vertical cloth.

Aerial yoga books

Those who are sufficiently proficient in English can find in aerial yoga* by Cassidy Wilson a collection of instructions in the language of the region of origin. As in classical yoga, the asanas strengthen the body and mind and awaken positive sensations. This book is also suitable for beginners.

Aerial yoga for anyone* – A book by Katja Broadbent is a thick guide book with 100 poses and sequences on 160 pages in paperback. Publisher: Oxford Alpine Club

flip for aerial yoga* Fotos and tips on 102 pages Independently published in paperback book by Rhonda Waterhouse and the fotographer Rachael Harper.

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