The world maps – pinboard for travel planning and travel review

The world maps – pinboard for travel planning and travel review

Do you also like to think about traveling to sunny, warm and culturally rich countries and regions during the cold and dark season and start dreaming with your finger on the map? Then the pinboard world map will be a great accessory in your home! On it you can continue spinning your dreams or pin past trips with route and markers.

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Pinboard world map for your own home or as a gift

The high-quality pinboard world maps* with canvas and cork in the back almost look like an oil painting, because the structure is similar. On a real wood – stretcher frame is mounted as a color carrier a cotton – covering. But behind it lies a solid cork – layer, which can accommodate the various pins and hold them securely. There are different sizes of pinboard world map from 80 x 60 cm to 200 x 130 cm available. So you can find the right pinboard – size for the space in your home – or for planning and preparation of your smaller and larger travel ventures. The world map pin board is made in a small manufacture in the east german Saxon Ore Mountains by really enthusiatic backbackers and globetrotters with a lot of own travel experience!

Travel with the finger at the world map pin board ..
Travel with the finger at the world map…

Different color and design of the pinboard world maps

Depending on what best suits the decor in your home, you can also choose from different design – and color design variants of the cork pinboard world map. This goes from pure black – white – shades* with more or less dark note to color variants in blue to the hippie-like colorful design*. Also different dignified brown tones stand the pinboard as a map well.

Of course, „classic“ world maps – colors like blue for oceans and waters versus light yellow and ocher for land masses are also available as pinboard – design. And even here there are gradations – from „Ocean*“ with dark blue seas to „blue Ocean“ in lighter tones to „frozen*“, which probably almost announce a new ice age in the living room.

cork world map pin board blue design
World map blue design canvas cork pinboard

Wall maps for language gifted

These were only the English versions for now. But the world map pin board is also available in other languages like German or French*. If you want to prepare your world tour, it is often not a bad idea to know at least the English name for the most important cities and landmarks. This helps immensely when you have to ask your way to your destinations – English is now the first foreign language almost everywhere. If you are traveling in other regions where Spanish is the native language or French is the official language, it also helps to have a look at the place names. Many globetrotters have a fable for other languages anyway. Then the world map pinboard in Spanish* or French finally perfects the style in the dwelling!

pinboard map south east Asia with pins, stickers and flags

Country maps as pinboard, glass wall or adhesive foil

You don’t want to travel the whole world? You are France* – fan or convinced European? The cork pinboard is also available with country motifs or as a Europe map*! Exactly, sometimes it is better to explore a country or a region more profoundly, instead of jetting superficially over the world. With the France – map you can get to know this cultural nation piece by piece and the pinboard France is your order system.

Not a fan of pinboards? – The world map as a glass picture

If you don’t like the pinboard culture with cork or you don’t like spikey plugs in the apartment because of children, the pinboard world map is also available without a pin: as a glass picture*. With it you can write*, stick or staple your plans on the glass plate like in modern detective movies. The world map behind glass is provided with super-smooth float glass and is of course wipeable. Partially can also work with magnets * on the glass – pinboard world map.

Glass picture world map nature brown
Glass picture world map nature brown

World maps pinboard for kids

Not only you dream of the next trip or foreign cultures. Children are also interested in the beauties of this world. Especially for animals and plants, which they can get to know in the zoo. When learning or reading, it helps to illustrate on a children’s pinboard world map* where the animals actually live. This creates ideas of connections – animals and plants on continents, the sequence of oceans and countries, ideas from near and far….

Childrens world map for Kids room
A world map for the childrens room

Therefore, the world map pin board is also available for children, in different versions. For example, as a world map poster* and stickers with animal or plant motifs. Thus, the children’s room becomes a learning – and fantasy – place for small researchers and world explorers. With an animal puzzle*, for example, the learning effect can be deepened and the fun and patience grow with the tasks.

Childrens world map  pin board Puzzle
Childrens Puzzle

Pinboard world maps stickers, pins, accessories

Of course, a pinboard with world map for your own travel plans would be quite boring only with dull 0815 plastic pins. That’s why you can customize your world map pin board with footprint pins*, countries – flags, placemarks – pins and wool threads of your ways and how your imagination imagines it. Some ideas you get in the extensive pinboard – accessories – section* with various plugs, adhesives, arrows, needles and markers.

World map Pin board map accessories sticker, flags, pin, bracket, footprint pins...
Are you already pinning or still typing?

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This post contains links to the Ore mountains pinboard – store, which are marked with *. If you buy something through the link in the online store, the „sunny trails“ blog gets a small commission to defray the operating costs. For you nothing will be more expensive, because the commission is already calculated in the pricing.

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